School Improvement Models

Section C: General School Administration

Policy Title: School Improvement Models
Policy Code: CG

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Tucson Unified School District’s primary focus is student achievement. The Governing Board recognizes that some schools may not meet the Arizona state academic proficiency targets, and the Board will intervene in the schools that have been identified as persistently low performing.

A school that has been identified as persistently low performing will be restructured using one of the following models as approved by the Governing Board:

Schools being restructured shall operate under federal and state laws and TUSD Governing Board policies. During a restructuring process, the operation of the school shall be exempt from the terms and conditions of TUSD employment agreements that conflict with the model approved by the Governing Board.

The Governing Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop regulations for school improvement processes and timelines for reform and to focus identified schools on efficient improvement of student outcomes as prescribed by the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education.

Adopted: November 22, 2011 (Note: This policy was incorrectly coded CB on the agenda.)

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. § 15-241
U.S. Department of Education Guidance on School Improvement Grants under section 1003(g) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965