School Council

Section C: General School Administration

Policy Title: School Council
Policy Code: CFC

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To insure that individuals who are affected by the outcome of a decision at the school site share in the decision-making process.

The Governing Board authorizes the establishment of a School Council at each school site.

The School Council will be responsible for:

  • Making recommendations to the Superintendent for submission of the school's 301 Plan goals, if applicable; the selection of the school administration; and the allocation of discretionary budget and for the school's curriculum.
  • Determining the use of undesignated tax credits at the school as provided by law.

While the Governing Board or Superintendent may seek advice on additional matters, such advice will not be binding on the Governing Board or Superintendent.

The School Council will adhere to all Governing Board Policies, including Employee Agreements, state statutes and federal laws.

Open Meeting Law and Conduct of Meetings

School Councils are subject to the requirements of Arizona's Open Meeting Law (A.R.S. §38-431, et seq.), including, but not limited to, posting meetings notices, agendas, minutes, and access by the public. In addition, all School Councils shall include on their meeting agendas a “Call to the Audience” in accordance with Governing Board policy BDFA.


The School Council shall take into consideration the ethnic composition of the local community and shall consist of the following members as required by A.R.S. §15-351:

  1. Parents or legal guardians of pupils enrolled in the school. A parent or legal guardian who is employed by Tucson Unified School District may serve as a member of the School Council if he/she is not employed at the same school that their child attends.
  2. Teachers
  3. Noncertified employees
  4. Community members
  5. Pupils (mandatory at high schools)
  6. Principal of the school

The number of representatives of teachers and parents/legal guardians of pupils enrolled at the school shall be equal and will constitute a majority of the School Council members.

Each group listed above shall select/elect its representatives in accordance with the By-laws of the School Council. The By-laws of each School Council will determine the number of members for their School Council. The school administrator will certify to the Superintendent or designee that the representatives were selected in accordance with the School Council By-laws of the School Council.

A facilitator/chairperson shall be elected by the majority of the School Council. This position shall be open to any member of the School Council. If this position cannot be filled by election, the principal shall serve in that capacity.

Responsibilities of Members

The members are responsible for communicating with, and obtaining information from, their respective groups. Community members should be communicating with the community at large. Members are also responsible for relating the input they receive to the School Council.

Interview panels for selection of administration positions at the school must be authorized by the majority of the School Council and may include teachers, classified staff, parents, students, and community representatives.

The School Council will determine, with a representative from Human Resources and the Assistant Superintendent, how much involvement it will have in the administrative selection at their school as follows: They may choose to be involved in determining the preferred qualifications for the candidates, screening interviews, and suggestions for interview questions. The interview panel selected by the School Council will interview candidates and make recommendations to the Superintendent. The panel will be required to sign a form attesting to the candidate name(s) that shall be forwarded to the Superintendent. In the event an individual does not agree with the majority of the interview panel, he or she will have space to note his or her dissent on the previously mentioned, signed form. In the event that none of the candidates are satisfactory, the panel can note that on the signed form.

Adopted: December 13, 2005
Revision: March 9, 2010
Revision: February 22, 2011
Revision: October 25, 2011

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. §15-351
A.R.S. §15-352

CROSS REF: BDFA - Stakeholder Input and Advisory Committee
GCAB - Filling of Vacancies