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Policies for Review

The Governing Board is also inviting review and comments on the following policies.

Proposed changes to these policies address District record-keeping practices concerning former employees. For an overview, please see summary of proposed changes (in PDF).

  • GBJ – Personnel Records and Files (in PDF) - Posted for comment on 02/13/2019
  • GBP – Prohibited Personnel Practices (in PDF) - Posted for comment on 02/13/2019
  • GCAA – Application for Position (in PDF) - Posted for comment on 02/13/2019

This is a proposed new policy based on statutory requirements for mandatory CPR instruction in High School:

On 03/26/2019, the Governing Board voted to posted these proposed revisions to the Audit Committee Charter for public comment.

Policy Review Feedback Form


  • What is your affiliation with Tucson Unified School District?

  • What policy/regulation are you providing feedback on?

Policy Review Archive

Policies and Regulations Previously Reviewed