Staff Conduct Regulation

Section G: Personnel

Regulation Title: Staff Conduct
Regulation Code: GBEB-R
Lead Department: Human Resources

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Staff Conduct Regulations

The Tucson Unified School District expects each professional and support staff member shall put forth every effort to promote a quality instructional program. In building a quality program, employees must meet certain expectations, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Become familiar with, enforce and follow all Board policies, regulations, administrative procedures, standards, and other directions given by district administrators and state and federal laws as they affect the performance of job duties.
  • Maintain courteous and professional relationships with pupils, parents/guardians, other employees of the district and all patrons of the District.
  • Perform in accordance with the employee's current job description, performance goals, and authorized directives from supervisory authority.
  • Transact all official business in a timely manner.
  • Care for, properly use and protect school property.
  • Shall not steal.
  • Attend all required staff meetings called by district and school administration, unless excused.
  • Report to work punctually and work all scheduled hours, notifying immediate supervisor as far in advance as possible, but before shift begins, whenever unable to report to work.
  • Strive to acquire knowledge of new developments in the employee's field of work.
  • Avoid excessive absenteeism.
  • Immediately report all dangerous building conditions to the building supervisor and take action to rectify the situation and/or protect the safety of students and others if necessary.
  • Properly supervise all students. All students must be under assigned adult supervision at all times during the school day and during any school activity. Except in an emergency, no employee will leave an assigned group unsupervised.
  • Obey all safety rules and standards, including rules protecting the safety and welfare of students.
  • Submit all required reports or paperwork at the time requested.
  • Have completed daily lesson plans available if appropriate to the position.
  • Refrain from conduct or speech that violates commonly accepted standards of the District and that, under present circumstances, has no redeeming social value.
  • Employees shall not use language which is offensive or profane.
  • Employee must not intimidate, threaten, coerce or abuse, either physically or mentally, another employee, patron or student.
  • Employee shall not fail to notify a supervisor or a District representative, when an employee has knowledge, of unprofessional, prohibited, or criminal conduct involving an employee and/or a student.
  • Employees will not make any sexual advance towards a pupil or child, verbal, written, or physical. Employees shall not engage in sexual activity, a romantic relationship, or dating of a pupil or child.
  • Dress professionally and in a manner that will not interfere with the educational environment.
  • Shall not use or possess any illegal drugs or substances.
  • Employees will not use any time during the working day for campaigning purposes, unless allowed by law, nor shall employees use district resources for the purpose of influencing the outcome of elections.
  • Refrain from using school contacts and privileges to promote sectarian religious views or selfish propaganda of any kind.

Failure to comply with this policy may subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Adopted: October 5, 2004
Revised/Updated: December 17, 2004 [To Board in Friday Report]

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. 13-2911
A.A.C. R7-2-205

CROSS REF.: GCF - Professional Staff Hiring; GBEBB - Staff Conduct with Students; JIC - Student Conduct; JK - Student Discipline; KFA - Public Conduct on School Property; GBEC - Substance-Free Workplace; GBED - Possession and use of Tobacco; GBEBD - Reporting Suspected Crimes; GBC - Staff Ethics; GBEBC - Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff Members; GBEE - Attendance & Punctuality; GBEF - Dress Code; GBEBE - Use of Physical Force; GBEAA - Staff Conflict of Interest; GBEBF - Weapons Prohibition.

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