Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels Regulation

Section J - Students

Regulation Title: Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels
Regulation Code: JG-R
Lead Department: Academic Leadership

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Students transferring from home school or non-accredited schools may or may not meet the standards established for satisfactory progress and graduation. When a student applies for admission from home school or non-accredited school, the following process will be used to determine placement and credit status:

  • The school administrator or designee will determine the child's appropriate grade placement upon enrollment in any District school. Placement will be facilitated by presenting documentation of the child's progress in the home school or non-accredited school educational program.
  • After reviewing the submitted materials and other relevant information, the principal will determine whether a waiver is warranted. If a waiver is granted, "home school" or "correspondence" will be recorded along with the grade of "P" for the educational program, which will not reflect a grade point average or class rank.

Assignment to Grade Levels

Elementary and Middle School
Students in elementary and middle school will be promoted with the teachers' recommendations based on assessment and production of general readiness at each level. The general readiness shall include demonstrated competency of required State and District standards, physical and social/emotional implications, attendance, and other factors, which may be determined relevant to the individual consideration for each student.

High School
Credits earned will determine grade level. A student will

  • Freshman with 0 to 5.00 credits earned.
  • Sophomore 5.25 to 10 credits earned.
  • Junior 10 to 16 credits earned.
  • Senior 16.25 until graduation with 21 or more credits.

Students will remain in the grade level relevant to the number of credits earned. Schools will retain students at the end of the year.

The student will have access to the District course catalog offered in each high school, specifically stating grade level and credit or achievement required before a student can take a specific class or subject. Also included shall be a statement of priority for assignment to a class or subject - with classroom limits based upon number of sections offered or scheduled - and/or the class-size guidelines.
The principal of the high school will designate responsibility for determining the grade level and specific classes or subject assignment of a student. The assignments shall be made consistent with policy, regulations, and approved school guidelines.

Reviewed: July 27, 2007 (Friday Report)

Cross Ref: Policy IKE - Retention,Promotion, Acceleration; IKF- Graduation Requirements; Policy JF- Student Admissions

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