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Grading/Assessment Systems Regulation

Section I: Instructional Program

Regulation Title: Grading/Assessment Systems
Regulation Code: IKA-R

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Subject Grade

The subject grade should be based upon pupil mastery of the content of the course. The teacher will establish a reasonable standard for average achievement in each of the subjects. If at any time the teacher is in doubt that this standard is either too high or too low, the teacher should discuss the matter with the principal.

The teacher will establish a uniform system of grading. This system is based upon attainment of what the teacher requires. Content of the course shall be set up to be measured by numerical percentages which are then transferred to letter or numerical equivalents. The following scale will serve as a guide for the distribution of grades but reasonable alternative letter grades may be approved at the District level:

Letter Grade Scale Numerical Scale
90-100 A 4
80-89 B 3
70-79 C 2
60-69 D 1
below 60 F 0
FAME Scale (used in grades K-5)
Exceeds 4
Meets 3
Approaches 2
Falls Far Below 1

# of grades-grade entries/week
A minimum of two grades will be taken each week. Type of grade as consideration: formative and/ or summative scores.
Definition of:
Formative score- a score which provides information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities in which students are engaged.
Summative score-a score that represents a teacher's evaluation of student learning.

Progress Grades

Progress grade means progress toward achievement of standards.

Old Report Card

New Report Card
Grades 6-12

Grades K-5

First Quarter Progress

Progress 1


First Quarter

Progress 2

1st Quarter Report Card

Second Quarter Progress

Progress 3


Second Quarter/ First Semester

Progress 4

2nd Quarter Report Card

2nd Semester


Third Quarter Progress

Progress 1


Third Quarter

Progress 2

Third Quarter Report Card

Fourth Quarter Progress

Progress 3


Fourth Quarter/Second Semester

Progress 4

Fourth Quarter Report Card

Role of Homework (HW)

Purpose: The purpose of homework is to extend and enrich the learning beyond the classroom and practice for mastery of Arizona Standards /the TUSD curriculum.

Definition of HW: work that can be done independently for practice towards mastery may account for up to maximum of 20% of the semester grade.

Honor Roll Policy

Honor Roll status is 3.50 on a 4.00 grading scale for students in 6th – 12th grade.

Grade Replacement Policy

Upon teacher/administrator consultation and approval, grade competency replacement will be offered to students who need to demonstrate competency in the content standards assessed to date. This excludes the semester final.

In-School Same Subject Transfer Grade

Students may request permission to move into an existing course within the same subject area within the first progress report of each semester. If a grade is established in the current course, the established grade will transfer to the new course selected until the subsequent grades can be earned to replace the transfer grade. Teacher may administer an assessment in order for the student to demonstrate competency in the content standards to date.

The following should be observed in implementing a grading system:

  • The grading system should be consistent within the class for the entire year.
  • The student should understand the system thoroughly, such as, the content on which the grade for the course depends, the weight attached to various phases of the material, the manner in which the grade is devised, and the meaning of the final grade which is sent home as a report to the parent.
  • If a teacher from year to year consistently promotes classes with predominantly high or low scores for the majority of the pupils in each class, then such practice causes parental and pupil difficulties for the succeeding teacher. If a teacher consistently finds the grades high or low for a large percent of the class, then the teacher should evaluate their established standards of average achievement on grading.
  • Work habits and conduct are two (2) areas that may be marked individually. Grades on basic subjects must not be awarded or upheld based upon disciplinary problems, work habits, or conduct.

Report Cards and Records

Report cards include an explanation of the system of marks used.The teacher should explain the marking system to the students.

Cards are sent home according to a schedule which is developed at the beginning of the school year and is included in this regulation.

Reviewed: August 3, 2012 [Friday Report]