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Section J - Students

Policy Title: Truancy
Policy Code: JHB

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A child between the ages of six (6) and sixteen (16) failing to attend school during the hours school is in session is truant unless excused pursuant to A.R.S. §15-802, 15-803, or 15-901.

Truant means an unexcused absence for at least one (1) class period during the day. This includes absence from any class, study hall, or activity during the school day for which the student is scheduled.

Unexcused absence for at least five (5) school days within a school year constitutes habitual truancy. The Superintendent will establish procedures to identify and deal with unexcused absences, beginning with notification of parents. Continued violation may lead to discipline of the child and/or referral of the parent to a court of competent jurisdiction.

Adopted: November 22, 2011

Legal Ref: A.R.S. §8-201

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