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Board Member Conflict of Interest

Section B: Board Governance and Operations

Policy Title: Board Member Conflict of Interest
Policy Code: BCB

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Voting Restrictions

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a Governing Board member shall be eligible to vote on any budgetary, personnel, or other question that comes before the Board, except that it shall be unlawful for a member to vote on a specific item that concerns the appointment, employment, or remuneration of such member or any person related to such member as a dependent as defined in A.R.S. §43-1001.

Employment Limitation

No dependent, as defined in §43-1001, of a Governing Board member may be employed in the District, except by consent of the Board.

No employee of the District or the spouse of such employee may hold membership on the Governing Board of the District.

Conflict of Interest

Any Board member or employee of the District who has, or whose relative has, a substantial interest in any contract, sale, purchase, or service to the District shall make known that interest in the official records of the District and shall refrain from voting upon or otherwise participating in any manner as a Board member or employee in such contract, sale, or purchase.

Purchases from a Board Member

Pursuant to an award or contract let after public competitive bidding, the Governing Board may make purchases from a Board member if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The transaction does not exceed three hundred dollars ($300).
  • The total purchases from any Board member by the Board within any twelve (12) month period do not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000).
  • The Board has, by majority vote, approved or reapproved a policy authorizing such purchases within the preceding twelve (12) month period.

Filing of Disclosure

The District shall maintain for public inspection in a special file all documents necessary to memorialize all disclosure of substantial interest made known pursuant to the statutory conflict-of-interest provision.

Adopted: October 19, 1976
Revision: August 19, 1980
Readopted: January 15, 1985
Readopted: January 7, 1986
Readopted: January 6, 1987
Readopted: January 5, 1988
Readopted: January 3, 1989
Readopted: January 9, 1990
Readopted: January 8, 1991
Readopted: January 7, 1992
Readopted: January 5, 1993
Readopted: January 4, 1994
Readopted: January 3, 1995
Readopted: January 9, 1996
Readopted: January 15, 1997
Readopted: January 6, 1998
Readopted: January 5, 1999
Readopted: January 4, 2000
Revision: September 9, 2008 (format only)
Revision: May 26, 2009
Reviewed: May 28, 2013 [legal references added]

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