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Your Feedback Wanted on Proposed Revisions to Audit Charter

On 03/26/2019, the Governing Board voted to posted these proposed revisions to the Audit Committee Charter for public comment. To share your comments, please use our Online Feedback Form, available on the Board Policy Review page.

Audit Committee

Meeting Notice (in PDF): Regular Meeting | Executive Session

Audit Committee Members

The Governing Board has named these members to the District Audit Committee:

  • Chair: Jimmy Lovelace, CPA
  • Vice-Chair: Darin Guthrie, CPA
  • Ravi Grivois-Shah, MD MPH MBA
  • William J. Kelly, Ed.D.
  • Charles Kill, CPA
  • Rachel Wall, CPA
  • Bernie Weigandt, CPA

Report Your Concern to the Audit Committee

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