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Agenda Items, Oct. 23, 2012

Please note that all agenda items are DRAFT until the Board acts on them. Please be aware that items are numbered below in accordance with the published agenda. To view actions taken by the Board, please see Board Actions after the meeting has taken place.

Unless otherwise noted, the files below are available in PDF.

Meeting Agenda: Print Version (In PDF)

Special Meeting, Oct. 23, 2012

Action Items

  1. Schedule an executive meeting

Study Item

  1. Coordinated Student Support Services - Student Equity & Interventions

Information Items

  1. Presentation of the Annual Bond Report of the Tucson Unified School District and a joint discussion with the Bond Fiscal Oversight Committee (BFOC)
  2. Office of Civil Rights Directive to the Arizona Department of Education RE: AZELLA (English Language Testing)
  3. Board Member Report on Technology Oversight Committee

Action Items

  1. Award of Contract – Pueblo Magnet High School – HVAC Upgrades Phase II (bond)
  2. Lynn/Urquides Elementary School – Campus Security Project (Bond)

Study/Action Items

  1. School Master Plan – Approval of Consolidation Criteria
  2. Report of the Subcommittee on Policies
    1. Governing Board Policy Code GCAA – Application for Position (revision)
    2. Governing Board Policy Code JLCD – Administering Medicines and Treatments to Students (revision)
    3. Governing Board Policy Code GBGCA – Proof of Immunization (new)
    4. Study:

    5. Governing Board Policy Code KHC – Distribution/Display of Promotional Materials (revision)
    6. Governing Board Policy Code KHCA – Distribution/Display of Communications from School-Related Organizations (revision)
    7. Governing Board Policy Code GBEAA – Staff Conflict of Interest (revision)
    8. Governing Board Policy Code – IHCBA – Student Participation in Events Out-of State (revision)

Action Item

  1. Letter to the Editor of the Arizona Daily Star from the Governing Board in recognition of the service of past Board Member Judy Burns upon the anniversary of her death


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