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Agenda Items, March 12, 2013

Please note that all agenda items are DRAFT until the Board acts on them. Please be aware that items are numbered below in accordance with the published agenda. To view actions taken by the Board, please see Board Actions after the meeting has taken place.

Unless otherwise noted, the files below are available in PDF.
Note: the links within the PDFs may not work. Please use the links on this page to access the attachments and support materials.

Meeting Agenda: Print Version (In PDF)

Regular Meeting, March 12, 2013

Action Items

  1. Schedule an executive meeting

Recess Regular Meeting

Reconvene Regular Meeting (approximately 6:30 p.m.)

Pledge of Allegiance

Information Items

  1. Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC) Report

Superintendent's Report

Board Member Activity Reports

Call to the Audience

Consent Agenda

    1. Salaried Critical Need and Replacement Hires
    2. Hourly Critical Need and Replacement Hires
    3. Salaried Separations
    4. Hourly Separations
    5. Recommendation to Deny Request for Leave of Absence for Certified Teacher
    6. Requests for Leave of Absence for Classified Personnel
    7. 2012-2013 Advanced Placement Testing Materials
    8. Adoption of 2012-2013 High School Supplementary Materials for Project MORE
    9. Adoption of 2013-2014 High School Supplementary Materials for the Cholla Magnet High School IB (International Baccalaureate) Program
    10. Supplemental Reading and Math Interventions: SuccessMaker-Version 5 and Subsequent Versions (6.0 expected to be released soon)
    11. Request Approval for Lease Purchase of SuccessMaker Full Curriculum Perpetual District-wide License, with Authorization for Director of Purchasing to Sign Lease Purchase Documents
    12. Acceptance of the Pima County Health Department Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Agreement to provide School Health Advisory Services for Tobacco Prevention, effective January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013, with option for four one-year renewals pending TUSD Governing Board approval, with Authorization for the Superintendent to Execute Agreement
    13. Amendment No. 3 to the Intergovernmental Agreement for the Provision and Administration of Dental Screening and Sealant Services between Tucson Unified School District and Pima County, effective February 2, 2013 through February 1, 2014
    14. Award of Food Services Bid No. 12FR1 Frozen Foods: Group 1, March 12, 2013 through February 15, 2014
    15. Award of Food Services Bid No. 13SS Single Service and Disposable Food Services Supplies, March 13, 2013 through February 28, 2014
    16. Permission to Accept Contactor Proposal for Parking Expansion at Westside Transportation Facility (Bond
    17. Minutes of Tucson Unified School District Governing Board Meetings
      1. Special Board Meeting, October 2, 2012
      2. Special Board Meeting, August 28, 2012
      3. Regular Board Meeting, September 11, 2012
      4. Special Board Meeting, January 29, 2013
      5. Special Board Meeting, February 8, 2013
    18. Acceptance of the Summary of Student Activity Funds for the Period of July 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013
    19. Ratification of salary and non-salary vouchers for the period beginning February 1, 2013, and ending February 28, 2013

Information Items

  1. School Community Partnership Council (SCPC) Report
  2. Presentation of Budget Status and Update on FY 2013
  3. Presentation of Proposed Draft Desegregation Budget for SY 13-14

Action Items

  1. Proclamation: César E. Chávez Week in Tucson Unified School District March 18-22, 2013 – Requested by Board Member Cam Juárez
  2. Approval of the 301 Plan for School Year 2013-2014
  3. FY 2013 Budget Discussions with Employee Groups, as directed in the February 12, 2013, Regular Board Meeting
  4. Authorization to Investigate Outsourcing as Postponed from the February 12, 2013 Regular Governing Board meeting

Future Agenda Items


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